Sandi, the Fossil Journey Cruiser:
a Boulder Sandstorm at Every Fork in the Road

Switzerland Trail with the Rising Sun (20090201)

                                                   It is a very large file and may take a while to download, but if you want to see a large version of that image, click this link.

It's hard to imagine a more fitting image on my first trail run with the folks of the Rising Sun 4 Wheel Drive Club.
Here we are at the Sugarloaf Mountain access point for the Switzerland Trail, at the beginning of the trail run.

Kenny(Redcreeper)'s Iceberg, Farley at far left. Sandi way on the right.

I took a few photos before we got to the trailhead. So, I'll slip them in here before continuing on with the rest of the day.

This was the view for the Carbon Valley Caravan, on our way to Boulder that morning; looking West from highway 52.

In case you're curious, here you can see Haystack (tiny cone-shaped mountain near bottom left) and then in the background (left to right),
there's the Mt. Meeker/Long's Pk. complex (white on left), Twin Sisters (dark in center) and the Mummy Range (white on right)
- all in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Here's the view from Sugarloaf Mountain Rd., looking SW out over the Sugarloaf neighborhood, and the mountains beyond.
If you open the linked image (very large) and zoom way in on the far right/middle, you will see Eldora slopes.

Here's Redcreeper as we near the Sugarloaf access point to the Switzerland Trail

Ok, on with the main event...

NOTE: I don't mean to be an ungracious guest, but I'm not quite familiar enough with everyone and their rigs.
I'll continue to update this page as I learn the names via forum post, PM or e-mail.

Here are the relevant threads for this trail run on the Rising Sun forum...

Trail run planning thread
Trail run report thread

We had 11 rigs altogether that day;
one 4Runner (Boulder Cruiser), four FJ40s (subzali, RicardoJM, MDH33 & 4),
one FJ60 (rover67), one FJ80 (?), a Jeep Wrangler (?) - come on now, no booing -
and of course, 3 FJ Cruisers (ocr14a's Sandi, redcreeper's Iceberg (Farley) & PhatFJ's Voodo Blue).

We first met this group at the 2008 Rising Sun Rally in Lakewood last summer (which is where I first met Redcreeper as well).

Most of us had been expecting more of a wintery experience that day, but even though we could see it snowing off in the distance toward Nederland to the West, all we had all day long was blue sky and sunshine.

Here's the view from the other side of the parking lot.

                                                                           It is a very large file and may take a while to download, but if you want to see a large version of that image, click this link.

RicardoJM's 1971 FJ40 (and son, Randy) and the Voodoo Blue following as we get going on the trail.

Oh....what do you think that is in the sky? Did anyone else get photos of it that day?
                                                            It is a very large file and may take a while to download, but click the photo if you want to see a large version.

waiting to go through the first big snow drift

nice views while we wait
Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park in the distance

just before we took our turn through the first drift

I don't have any more photos until the last, really big snow drift area for the day.
Most of us needed some kind of help getting through that one. The first guy winched him self through it; cutting the trail for the rest of us.

Here we see Marco, Matt and the other guys securing the winch line (with a tree-hugger strap)

If you know anything about snow drifts, you'll appreciate this one.
Marco's already in at least a foot or two of snow, and worked hard to get this far.

It was a lot of fun watching all of the different vehicles as they tried to get through this spot.

Once we got everyone through the crazy snow drift, it was lunch time.

So, we stopped for a while at the intersection with an off-shoot that goes South off of the Switzerland Trail;
the way we ended up taking when it was time to go.

MtnTrucker's FJ40 (The Blue Mule) standing guard over the flock. the photo was a bit too dark. So, I lightened it up a bit....but then everything was washed then I brought up the colors a bit.

Redcreeper's Iceberg TTSE FJC frames this family portrait.
Martin's green 1973 FJ40 in the center

Nothin says, "mmm, mmmm, MMMM!" like a bunch of Toyota fans hangin out together on the trail.

Matt(subzali)'s Brahma (a 1977 FJ40) got some attention as they investigated a power steering setup,
and how the steering box would attach to the frame rails. On-board air was also part of the discussion.

Matt (center-right here) organized and lead the trail run that day. Great job, bud!!

Even a gashed tire couldn't set this Rising Sun (Marco).
Click the image to see a close-up of the repaired tire.

Marco's Land Cruiser, and the beauty of Colorado.

No offense to the other fine Toyota rigs out there that day, but I just couldn't resist a shot like this of PhatFJ's Voodo Blue.

Here we are at the end of the day. It was a bit of a logistical challenge, but we all got lined up across the trail for a parting pose.
Click the image to open a large version of this photo.

I also have some video from this day, and will update this page once I've had time to YouTube it.

Once again, thank you, Rising Sun.
We really enjoyed the day out on the trail with you guys, and look forward to the next time we meet (on or off the trail).


What do you |~_~|


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